Delta House is a Croatian company which offers international consultancy in the field of health care management, strategic planning, public and private health insurance management, health care facility management, health care payment methodology, human resource management in health care, hospital accreditation programs, quality management & auditing.

We are full service business consulting company that gathers some of the most prominent Croatian health care experts who can provide Smart Health to the global healthcare industry. Our multidisciplinary team excels in areas of health care management, IT solutions, HR management, quality management & auditing, clinical management, payment systems, public-private partnerships etc. leveraging its deep expertise and technical knowledge to ensure high quality healthcare.


We primarily provide custom-made consulting services and technical assistance to international organizations, governments, governmental institutions, bodies and agencies that want to improve public healthcare systems. The company also offers targeted advisory services for private corporations that plan to enter or improve their health insurance business and tailored business consulting for healthcare providers who strive to improve their efficiency and quality of services they deliver.




  • Healthcare reform preparation, assessment and implementation

  • Health financing reform

  • Healthcare systems management

  • Health financing, contracting and payment system implementation or improvement

  • Public procurement improvement

  • Establishment of NHS

  • Establishment of public health institute

  • Public health assessment

  • Pharmaceuticals policy analysis and enhancement (reform)

  • Emergency medicine reform

  • E-health strategy and action plan development



  • Market analysis and feasibility studies

  • In-depth business, social and political environment analysis

  • Key market risks identification and analysis

  • Business, sales and marketing strategy conceptualisation

  • Operational business and action plans preparation

  • Health insurance information management system assessments

  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse management

  • Management/health management/health financing



  • Quality management assessment

  • Costs management improvement

  • HR strategy preparation

  • Controlling implementation and improvement

  • Business strategy preparation (aligned with financial and political environment)

  • Management/health management/health financing/public health/global health trainings




Positions held by our members and associate experts are in  a range of Minister of Health, Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Adviser Of The Minister, Director of Health Insurance Fund, Vice Director of Health Insurance Fund, Deputy Director of Health Insurance Fund, Director of Hospital, Deputy Director of Hospital, University Professor, Hospital Quality Manager/Auditor, etc. We primarily provide custom-made consulting services and technical assistance to international organizations, governments, governmental institutions, bodies and agencies that want to improve public healthcare systems.


We have extensive knowledge and experience as former senior government officials involved in reforms including reorganization of payment models in primary and hospital care, drafting and implementation of hospital master plan, hospital accreditation projects, generating and implementing clinical guidelines, reforms of medical specialization programs, EU funding project proposals, eHealth, health information systems etc.


Everything is always part of some bigger picture, so every project we do is prepared and realized with full regard to its place, its connections and its impact on all the stakeholders within or outside of it.



Over the years, our members and associate experts have led, coordinated, oversaw and participated in many various projects, reforms and activities around the World. Most of them are financed by World Bank and European Commission and several by Government or Local government authorities.



Support and technical assistance for strengthening Health Insurance Fund capacity for active purchasing and expanding insurance coverage


Technical assistance to define the technical specifications for Health Insurance Fund Information System


Identification and assessment of potential reform measures to reduce structural deficit in the health sector for Fiscal and Financial Sector Resilience Development Policy Loan


Providing expert consultancy and preparing background report on Health System financing, as part of the National Development Strategy preparation


Assessment and action plan of the Health Insurance Fund Information System


Rapid assessment and scoping the Technical Assistance for Health Insurance Corporation to improve Health Insurance Information Management


Review and defining the technical specifications and Implementation Plan for the Payer Software system



Training on Health Insurance and Quality of Care



Development and revision of the foundational documents that define the architecture of the mandatory health insurance scheme and enabling its  operationalization


Support to Develop a Health System Strategy for Priority Disease Areas



TAIEX Expert Mission on patients' rights and protection of sensitive health data


TAIEX Workshop on EU Best Practice for Health Insurance Systems

North Macedonia

TAIEX Expert Mission on the Development of an Integrated Health Information



National masterplan for development of hospitals

Strategic Development Plan of eHealth

New Primary Care contracting and payment system

Preparation of National IT Strategy of Health

Financial rehabilitation of public health institutions

Health Insurance Fund’s exit from State Treasury

Chronic Diseases Monitoring and Management Platform

New model of hospitals’ contracting and financing

Machine learning tool anomaly detection of invoices (fraud scoring) in health insurance



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